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The Saddle Fitting Visit

The Saddle Fitting visit usually takes around 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  If you are just having

a follow up visit or a saddle check and/or adjustment of your current saddle, this

time may be shorter.  Your horse should be clean and dry, and wearing a bridle

through the fitting process.  It is also important that the rider is dressed in

appropriate riding clothing and safety wear.

We'll arrive and introduce ourselves to you and your horse, and ask you of any vices or ailments.  We will then assess your horse with an examination of the back for any lumps, bumps, or signs of pain or discomfort.

If all looks well, we'll proceed to take templates, see the horse move in walk and trot, try on some saddles, and choose some to ride in.  You can read more about these stages below.

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