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Rugs cleaned using a large capacity washing machine with warm water and gentle formula cleaning liquid.



Turnout (Standard Neck)                   £10  Turnout (Detachable Neck)**          £10

Turnout (Combo)**                           £10 

Stable Rug (Standard Neck)              £10

Stable Rug (Detachable Neck)**       £10

Stable Rug (Combo) **                        £10

Fleeces/Sheets/Coolers                       £10

++ Please also note, very hairy rugs or those covered in shavings, + £2.50/rug

Give your turnout rugs a new lease of life and help protect their waterproof characteristics with our reproof service, using Nikwax in wash Rug Reproof formula.  Rugs must also be cleaned at the same time.


Turnout (Standard Neck)                 £18   

Turnout (Detachable Neck)              £18

Turnout (Combo)                              £18    

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48 Hour Service

It may be possible to have your rugs collected and delivered, depending on location, quantity and urgency - get in touch to discuss options.

It may be an option to turn rugs around in 48 hours (or quicker!) if they are needed back urgently.  This is most likely possible if there are not too many, and the weather is on the favourable side! 

Contact us if you have an urgent one and we'll do our best to sort it.

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Rugs repairs to fabric, clips D-rings etc all undertaken, and due to the variation in cases, quotes can be given if required.

Existing customers familiar with our service - no change to our pricing for repairs.

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